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Monoatomic Gold (2 oz)
Monoatomic Silver (2 oz)
Colloidal Copper (2 oz)

Monoatomic Gold is known for enhancing creativity, boosting energy and mood, and enhancing hand- eye coordination.
Monoatomic Silver (tiny particles of silver suspended in liquid) is known and claimed to strengthen the immune system while treating existing health problems, such as cold and flu symptoms
Colloidal Copper is essential for the metabolic process and can be used with other elements to enhance their effect.
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Monoatomic Gold was originally used by the ancient Egyptians to help purify the body’s spirit and mind. They believed that gold activates the spirit and awakens the energy inside us. They took liquid gold in the form of elixirs which alchemists created to treat different diseases. Monoatomic Gold is being used for alternative health treatments today for the following based on various research studies throughout the years.
Monoatomic Silver when used topically, it can promote fast healing of cuts, burns, blisters, insect bites and stings, rashes, razor burn, sunburn, and other skin issues.
Colloidal Copper is also needed for its anti-inflammatory effects that protect cell membranes, synthesizing of hemoglobin, melanin, elastin, collagen, and the myelin around nerves, and for the absorption of iron. It helps your body use sugar and synthesize adenosine triphosphate for energy.


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